‘At Your Service’ apparel helps service industry workers raise funds


The Covid-19 global pandemic has left millions of bar and restaurant service industry workers temporarily out of work. These are the bartenders, servers, cooks, bus staff, managers, hostesses and food and drink distributors among others, that consistently work hard to create a pleasant experience every time you visit a bar or restaurant.

The “At Your Service” line of apparel and accessories (atyourserviceindustry.com), created by Kevin Hopper and Francine Hopper of Boise, Idaho’s Capitol Bar and founders of the New Mexico Brew Fest is a way to help those out of work to make ends meet during this time. The message on the graphic states 'I Support the Service Industry’, with a fork and spoon crossed in front of a martini glass.

“Both Kevin and come from a publishing and graphic design background,” Francine Hopper states, “and we wanted to find a way that would help not just our bartenders make ends meet, but all service industry workers.”



Individual service industry workers are each given a unique coupon code after first filling out a short online registration form found on the website. For every product sold with their code, they receive 50% of the profits of the sale, payed directly to them at the end of each week.

“It’s an easy way to help them during this unprecedented time, and will help purchasers of the t-shirts show their support of the industry every time they wear the shirt,” Francine Hopper said.

Currently, the products can be found at the website atyourserviceindustry.com. Shirts are printed by a production partner and are typically shipped within 5-7 days after ordering.

“We are hoping that industry folks push the sale of these products through their contacts, friends and regular clientele via link sharing and social media channels, so that they can start generating immediate revenue for themselves,” Kevin Hopper said, adding that, “Hopefully, this won’t go on too much longer, but this is a small way they can make some money in the meantime.


Online Store: http://www.atyourserviceindustry.com

Registration Form: https://www.atyourserviceindustry.com/pages/register



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